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A set of turbines in Whitelee belonging to the the largest onshore wind farm in the United Kingdom.

In 1847, Charlotte Bronté published the first edition of her novel, ‘Jane Eyre’. It addresses the struggles that the transition of growth and progression can have on an individual. Throughout the chapters we read of Jane’s experiences and emotions under different circumstances and how her close friend Helen leads her into trusting in the faith of Christianity. The book is built on the foundations of morality and I feel its underlying message stands to represent our development as humanity on earth. The book’s protagonist is caught in a battle between her moral duty and earthly satisfaction. For many, caring for the planet and caring ourselves causes an intense equilibrium that the planet is currently losing. Jane loses her friend Helen to Consumption, otherwise known as Tuberculosis. Her honest life is cut short and prevents her from flourishing into the caring and compassionate figure she aspired to be. Her grave is inscribed with her name and the word, ‘Resurgam’ , meaning “I shall rise again” in Latin. To me, I see this as quote to represent earth’s recovery and how mankind can rise to tackle its perplexed morality in its attitude towards harvesting resources and living on its land. My title acknowledges the problems currently existing in the world, mainly due to climate change, but also provides a sense of hope and ambition for recovery.


Compacted plastics are assembled into cubes and stacked in preparation for recycling.


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